Learn to Shoot Hybrid in Four Weeks


 You’re a smart photographer who knows timeless film is the next frontier in your development as an artist: You love the idea of stewarding your love of photography into something beyond digital … but where to begin?

You’re not out to be the next Jose Villa … you just want to serve your clients (& family!) well as you help them build their legacy and preserve memories.

 But Medium Format vs. 35mm … Kodak vs. Fuji …. push processing and lab searching, oh my — you’re an Instagram scroll away from worry that you’ll be called out as an imposter in the world of fine art film photography for not knowing all the tech!

Imagine being able to launch film photography as a part of your brand in 4 weeks with an honest, hand-holding guide to everything you need to know to get started. You’d have your head hit the pillow at night with new clients that treasure the beautiful, heirloom look of film just as much as you do … and are so excited to have their wedding captured by you. 

A done-for-you film shooting strategy in hand, your family portraiture or wedding day workflows would be a cinch from sliding your strap around your neck to finally packing up and heading home to edit.

See ya, imposter syndrome: You actually know what you’re doing  and have the gorgeous images to prove it.


Foundations in Film:
Learn to Shoot Hybrid in 4 Weeks

The practical blueprint to integrating film photography into to your wedding photography business.

I’ve packed my entire film shooting strategy in an A-to-Z system — and now? I’m handing it over to you!

This process is the exact method I used when switching from digital to mostly film — and it’s precisely how I teach my 1-on-1 coaching students to do the same. I’m a big believer in online education, so I wanted to bring it home to you, so you can create sacred, timeless moments in film for your clients, too!

The Foundations in Film course is made up of 12 lessons of video trainings, 12 workbooks, and a small, private confidence-building community of photographers JUST like you looking to learn how to confidently shoot in film.

Here’s what you get inside Foundations in Film course:



You’re a planner, aren’t ya? Me too. That’s why in week 1, we focus on drilling down into how video content can merge with the good things you’ve already got going.

• 3 Main Types of Cameras & Film, so you can learn ground zero when it comes to film … and what each type is best for.

• A Film Size Guide so we can walk through the different sizes of film … and set you up for success when it comes to the signature look you’ll shoot in.

• Equipment Resource Guide … Contax, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Canon, Nikon, Film, Light Meters–WHEW! Don’t you worry your pretty little head: I’ll shoot you straight and tell you where to actually get all your materials (and you know I like a deal, so I will be letting you in on how to make steward your business funds well in the process, too!)

• Contax Kit Basics & Shooting Techniques, giving you an outline of every main function and button that you need to know on your favorite new piece of equipment … plus, I want to make sure you don’t make the mistakes that a lot of new film photographers make when trying their hand at Contax … shooting modes, focus modes, and what in the world that eye flip thingy is.

• How to use a 35MM so you basically know what to spend, what subject matter works best, my secret where/when/how method for getting details, and how to make it partner like a boss with your full-frame Canon lenses.

• The Demonstration Workshop, because you have other things to do in your business besides watch YouTube tutorials all day, so I’ll let you peek over my shoulder as I demonstrate setting the basic functions of your film camera and even loading and unloading film.

• Weekly Guide + Action Steps — I’m holding your hand through getting you ready to head out in the world and use everything from aperture to self-timers… so you can give these lessons a whirl and capture exactly what you want as an artist with your Canon IV and Contax 645.

WEEK 2 // Exposure, Meter, Lab, & Care

Time to start channeling your inner Fine Art Photographer – let’s talk about your light meter and exposure, as well as sourcing your film and finding a lab to work with. Don’t you worry. I’m pulling out all the stops (and templates) to make sure you kick imposter syndrome to the curb for good and produce work in line with your style … with expert tools of the trade.

• Your Metering Toolbox, my 360-degree guide to discover exactly what metering is all about … internal vs. external… because this is where MOST issues in film photography crop up, and I don’t want that to happen to you!

• Exposure Set-up 101 — want to look over my shoulder as I demonstrate? I’ll show you everything you’ve ever wondered about how to play with exposure so skin tones and shadows aren’t over or under exposed… plus, light meter equipment you need (including my favorite iPhone app!).

• 3 Labs I Recommend, because my first film scans were terrible, and I want to make sure you’re using trustworthy experts when producing your hard work!

• Style Finding 101 that will get you ready-to-go when it comes to aligning the beautiful, signature style you are aching for with your new film photography style. From soft and dreamy to contrasty and bright, we’ll discuss exactly how to get that “look” in film.

• Custom Color Setup Guide, so you never have to worry that you sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about when you kick-off conversations with your lab. You’ll learn how to describe your style in a way they understand, and get my exact conversation key-words so you know how to follow-up until they nail your look.

• Order Forms 101 because you’ll want to make sure that you’re communicating the correct film types and sizes to your lab. I’ll show you examples of order forms and hold your hand through the whole process.

• Where to Purchase — online purchasing or your local shop? Individual rolls or bulk-packs? I know it can be confusing, so I’ll tell you what I do so you can follow suit in your own business!

• Storage Tips List, so you can see behind the curtain on how I store film so it’s safe and protected in my studio.

WEEK 3 // How to Combine Film & Digital
Time to marry your new film skills alongside your digital work: what we call Hybrid Shooting! You’ll walk away from this week understanding the strengths of both mediums for weddings and family sessions, so you know what’s best for the shot you’re working to get … and know how to set-up and break-down.

• My Film vs. Digital Strengths Guide, where we discuss what’s best for what when it comes to your weddings: photojournalistic shots you’re after, dark churches, and even that sparkler exit … we’ll talk about what to use, when, and why.

• My Wedding Day Workflow & Set-up: I want to make sure you’re not wasting expensive film, so I’ll talk you through a wedding day workflow in my own business, so you can see how I limit the amount of film I use to get the perfect combinations of shots!

• Go-to tips for getting your digital shots to match your film shots, so you can hand your couple a cohesive gallery after their wedding.

• I’ll tell you how I combine film and digital for a family session, prioritize the portraits they’re after, and switch between indoor and outdoor light.

• The Precautions I Take When Shooting Film … because when there’s no digital backups, I can’t afford to let anything happen to a roll! We’ll talk through how I ship film, but also tips about traveling with film in your car, on planes, and use expensive equipment around little ones.

• Time to get you the Behind-the-Scenes on Set-Up … down to aprons and the “moneymaker” strap that’s been my go-to for years.

WEEK 4 // Editing Process

I know you’re concerned about shooting in film and digital with results that look wildly different, so let’s address that! During this week, you’ll learn tweaks you can make to make your images look as though they belong together.

• I know it’d be helpful to peek over my shoulder as I edit, so I’ll share my screen with you and show you the ropes on My Editing Process!

• How I Edit without Presets, because it’s possible to edit in Lightroom with just brightness, contrast, and temperature … and I want to make sure you’re equipped to do the same.

• The Film Editing Checklist, so next time you do this on your own without your video lesson opened in front of you, you don’t miss a step!

• From what cameras are best to learn on, to when I buy new and when I buy used, and even how I change rolls of film quickly on a wedding day, I’ll give you the full rundown on the questions I’m always asked.

• Need a more personalized answer? I got ya! Get a LIVE Q&A session in our private group so you can post your questions and get answers in real-time.


You’ll also get instant access to:
64 pages of actionable insight in PDFs and printables
12 video training modules
Access to our private Facebook community, so you can bounce ideas off other digital photographers that are moving into fine art film photography just like you.

Oh! And …. did someone say BONUSES?

You also get access to:

Watch Me Shoot

A mini-training video so you can look over my shoulder while I’m shooting in film.

10 Steps to Branding as a Film Photographer

My quick reference guide to pinpoint exactly how to communicate your new film work to your clients, and how to disseminate that message even down to your Instagram and social media strategy, so you can own your new skill!

Equipment Resource Guide

Because not everyone wants to shoot with a Contax or a Canon! You’ll be equipped with a list of the most popular medium format and 35mm cameras, light meters, and film. (I’m looking at you, Nikon shooters!)

Wedding Equipment Checklist

Because here’s the thing: lists makes life simple when combining Film and Digital Gear. My team and I print this list out and use it before EVERY wedding to make sure we don’t forget a thing.

How the Best Film Photographers Meter their Film

Insight into how the best of the best meter, because there’s not just one way to do it! This X page PDF will give you fresh ideas on metering, so you can try different methods and confidently settle on what works best for your style.

How to Shoot your First Roll of Film

Complete with a quick demo of how to roll film, where to rent gear, and a 5 step process, you’ll know exactly where to turn when it’s your time to pick up the film camera and shoot that first roll. 

How to know if you’re a perfect fit for Foundations in Film Course:

You’re a super-smart photographer, and you know you’re passionate about what you do … you just need someone to hold your hand and show you the ropes on the whole film photography thing, so it seamlessly integrates into your business to take it to the next level.

You’ve dabbled with a film camera to see if you’ve got what it takes … but you are still unsure of yourself. You’re not professional-looking enough for you to feel confident bringing this skill into any client-facing job!

You just *know* there’s a way to add value to your sweet brides and families by offering them something as timeless and elegant as film … you just need to know the how-to so it’s on par with the rest of your offerings.

You’ve been at the photography business game for a bit, and you’ve found you’ve got a big ol’ heart for LEGACY -- you’re helping provide family heirlooms, and you want to learn the ropes of the original style of this form of art we love so much.

You don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to learning the film shooting process, ‘cause you’re so sick of feeling like you’ve got to invest thousands in equipment and training, when you really just need a practical guide to setting this up in your business today.

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure out this film photography thing once and for all, leaving fears about imposter syndrome in the dust, and getting your business a little bit closer to serving your family as a valuable asset (shooting film in your personal life wouldn’t be so bad, either!).

The bottom line is this…

I believe film is timeless.

We shoot most of our work in film, and over the years, I’ve collected all the questions I’ve gotten from photographers just like you, wanting to add film to their line-up of offerings.

And now’s the time to hand over the education to YOU!

Nothing makes me happier than building legacies and soaking in simple beauty, from waking up each morning to sip coffee and open the weathered pages of my journal and Bible, to seeing the storied art of film photography come alive when it gets back from the lab.

… and now, I want to help YOU learn how this can be a tool in your family and business as well!

“As an editor who sees hundreds of submissions on a given week, I find myself constantly drawn to film photography. There’s a timeless elegance, depth, and richness to film imagery that makes it such a natural fit for editorial, which is why we tend to feature film photographers time and time again.”

– Stephanie Weers, Style Me Pretty

ANd just who am I?

Hi! I’m Nancy, founder of Nancy Ray Photography and creator of the Nancy Ray Shop. I’m a wife and a mama, a reader and a runner. I’ve loved photography since I was a little girl … and I believe the most inspiring thing about photography is the legacy the photos leave. The tangible prints of my grandparents are some of my most prized possessions! 

Below are some additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you cover more cameras than the Contax and the Canon 1v?

Not in depth! I devoted 2 video lessons to the 2 most widely used film cameras in the wedding and portrait photography industry: The Contax 645 Medium Format Camera, and the Canon 1V 35mm Film Camera. I did this intentionally, because if I were to cover all the film cameras out there, this course would be much too long! Instead, I created a Bonus PDF for you to use as a research tool, outlining the other most popular Medium Format Film Cameras as well as the Nikon Equivalent 35mm. The good news is this: most of the basic functions you’ll learn with the Contax and Canon can be translated to other film cameras you might choose to use!

I don’t think I have time for this??

Let me guess: you’re surrounded by client editing, an Instagram feed to plan, that run or gym class you need to knock out at some point today, and you need to figure out what’s going on the table for dinner tonight — I get it! If you can commit to watching about 45 minutes of video training plus 1 hour a week on your homework, you can leave the rest to me: I’m handing over my swipe files, systems, and checklists on how we added film to my own business. My goal is to make this as easy on you as possible!

How long do I get access?

Does lifetime access sound like a good deal to you? Once enrolled, your first set of trainings are waiting for you. Curl up with a coffee mug and a fresh notebook, and watch at your own pace (or speed up if you’re one of those who listens to podcasts on 1.5 speed!). You can work through the class in the 4 week system I planned for you, or pace yourself out! I know my students have different schedules with their families and businesses, so I want to make sure YOU get to feel like the boss when it comes to watching whenever you want.

Can I sign up anytime?

To serve my students as best I can, enrollment is only open a 2 times a year. I’ll be offering the course again in the future, but the price goes up each time the course goes back in the vault! Current enrollment closes at 11:59pm on June 16th, no exceptions!

Do you offer refunds?

I have a super tight return policy — but it’s only because I want to make sure I’m attracting dedicated, serious photographers. I have worked so hard to make this program serve you right where you are, but I certainly understand the fear in buying something you can’t fully experience before purchase. As such, by purchasing, you’re agreeing to my 30-day guarantee: if you complete the entire course and do all the work within 30 days and aren’t satisfied, just show me your work — I’m happy to buy the course back from you. And this might seem crazy, but I will ask for a 20 minute live video conference to hear your feedback on how to improve as part of my refund policy. Because I really want you to be satisfied!

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I would love to chat with you, and make sure this is the right fit! Email me at with questions, or stay on this page until the chat box pops up during operating hours in the bottom right!

How does Foundations in Film work?

  • As soon as you enroll, the lessons are yours to dive into! Put on a fresh cup of coffee, hit play on the welcome video, and then hop in the private community to meet the photographers you’ll be figuring this out alongside.

  • Carve out time over just 4 weeks to watch your week’s lessons and hop in the group to ask questions: we’ll get through each practical  step  of launching film photography as part of your business’s brand.

  • Fast forward ONE month,, and tee up your website, social media posts, and blog for your big announcement: you’re now shooting in film like a true professional, and able to serve your clients with the gorgeous gift of film photography!!

I have always been so interested in learning about film photography but I never knew where to begin. As someone who has never even picked up a film camera before, the act of starting felt super overwhelming.

Nancy Ray’s course covers everything from the very basics all the way down to their editing process.  Nancy’s gift and passion for educating others makes you feel like she is right next to you walking you through everything step by step. The incredible knowledge she obtains and the encouragement behind her voice in every lesson not only excites you, but you leave each video saying, “I can do this!” 

Things that I feel would have taken me years to figure out were right in front of me in such a generous and amazing way. Thank you, Nancy, for simplifying what I thought would be an impossible task!”        – Cameron Faye

30 DAY You've got my word!! BOOM!

You’ve got my word: Your enrollment in the Foundations in Film  is completely risk-free — if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. If after 30 days, you’ve done the all work, attended all the live trainings, and haven’t seen results, I’ll buy the program back from you!


Click here to read all the nitty-gritty details about how I’ve got your back.


Lifetime Access
$499 one-time

Only opens 2 times a year for enrollment; lowest price we'll offer this course!

Foundations in Film
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Don’t just take my word for it…see what people who have already taken it have said…

“I have always had a love of film photography, before I even recognized that it was actual film that was being used.  I loved the rich colours and the timeless, nostalgic feeling that I saw in film photos and I soon began seeking out how to create and shoot this way.  After many attempts at trying to do this digitally, I knew that I needed to actually overcome my fear and attempt to shoot film for myself to satisfy this deep creative love. 

Carolyn Bentum
Carolyn Bentum Photography

“I had been dabbling in film for almost two years before this course. Nancy gave me the confidence and the push to *really* make the jump into shooting hybrid. I wish this was available two years ago! It was so hard to learn the very basics about just loading film, how to meter, what lab to use, or which camera to pick and this course would have been super helpful back then! This self paced class is an amazing investment for anyone interested in taking the next step in their film journey or for anyone who is interested in film but doesn’t know where to start. Nancy is very patient, helpful, informative, and teaches in a way that is conducive for beginners. I loved it!”

Briana Wilbur
Briana Wilbur Photography

Before taking Foundations in Film, I dreamed of being a film photographer but I didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to start. Nancy begins the course with the very basics and builds upon the process with each lesson – she holds nothing back! Now I feel equipped in my understanding of the technical side of film photography as well as practical ways to integrate it into my business.  

Mariel Schmitt
Mariel Joy Photography

“As a photographer who already shoots film with clients, I didn’t know if this course would be for me or not, but reviewing the basics made me realize that there were some things I’d skipped over when just starting out and some things I could certainly improve on. Nancy shares SO much in this course and is so open with her entire shooting and editing process – I’m excited to put everything I’ve learned into practice to be able to improve on my film shooting abilities!”

Lauren Jolly
Lauren Jolly Photography

OK…Now I HAVE to HAVE it!

Lifetime Access
$499 one-time

Only opens 2 times a year for enrollment; lowest price we'll offer this course!

Foundations in Film
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